Cable management is an essential part of the daily work of an electrician or panel builder. With efficient cable management products you can make cables “invisible”, reduce risk of injury and save space at the same time.

However, cable management products are not only interesting for the electrician or control cabinet engineer. Facility managers, DIY fans and anyone at home with lots of electrical equipment on the desk or in the living room can benefit from optimum cable management that helps create order.

Cable Management solutions are dependent, on the scale of operation, client specifications, and end application. Made of special grade steel tube, completely modular, light weight but rugged, minimizing deflection, the runway and accessories are of the highest quality standards. If set up in an organized fashion at the outset it is not difficult to sustain that organization even as more cables pile on over time as you upgrade equipment and your facility.

Cable management rack is a rack (apparatus), as well as process that fits into the “necessity is the mother of invention” paradigm. The rack, the servers and cables per se do not manage themselves. It is indeed challenging if not baffling, organizing and maintaining cables when working around servers and their multitudinous cables and connectors.

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