Male infertility transfers to a male’s incapacity to create pregnancy in a fertile female. In people, it accounts for 41–51% of infertility. It afflicts almost 8% of all humans. Male infertility is commonly due to deficiencies in the semen, and semen stage is accepted as a surrogate test of male fertility. Ant sperm neutralizers must be considered as impotence cause in round 11–31% of infertile pair. Chance factors for the development of anti-sperm neutralizers in humans enter the breakdown of the blood‑testis barrier, shock, and medication, cancer, failure of immunosuppression and unsafe responsive anal about oral sex with people. Dr. Raina’s SAFE HANDS is the Top Sexologist in Delhi for Erectile Dysfunction, PE, and Infertility treatment. Best Sexologist in Delhi, India for Over 19years. Call Now: +91-9871605858, 7687878787

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