Sphoorti machine tools have been manufacturing tools for decades with quality and assurance.
some tools like VDI halter, DIN 69880, DIN 69881, DIN 5482, DIN 1809, DIN 5480.
VDI Tool Holder has been manufactured using high-grade raw materials which are resistant to corrosion and has high impact resistance features.
Manufactured as per DIN 69881, Made out of toughened steel (C-45). Our standard tool holders are fully blackened.
As VDI Tool Holder Manufacturer, we offer products that are corrosion-free, as well as the long-lasting and conform to DIN 69880 100% inspected.
Sphoorti, the expert Live Tool Holder Manufacturers would fulfil your requirements for the sake of the dimensional and operational preciseness.
We a premier company in manufacturing VDI tool holder with perfection as per DIN 1809. Rust free and long-lasting. Customized design can be supplied upon request. We are one of Turret head manufacturers which has been designed keeping in view international quality standards and to ensure quality we have skilled professionals.

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