Daily aches, sudden acute injuries, chronic pain conditions, muscle discomfort, lifestyle diseases, stress, we encounter so much in our everyday life or are living with it bearing silently for quite a long period of time. After great research and survey, we figured out that the reason a majority of people are living with pain is due to the lack of time for undergoing the treatment, high costs, fear of side-effects and the most because of no hope left of getting any better.

To remove all those blocks that are stopping people from getting cured and to improve their quality of life, Zealmax Innovations Pvt. Ltd. came up with a collection of innovative pain management devices under the brand name of UltraCare PRO.

Having established ourselves as the leading manufacturers and supplier of portable physiotherapy equipment in 2012, we at Zealmax, have dedicated ourselves to constant research and innovation so as to come up with solutions that will help our society to get back to their pain-free life.

Our collection of physiotherapy machines are tested, clinically approved, patented and have proven their ability to heal any kind of acute to chronic pain, faster, better, drug-free and naturally without any harmful effects.

Zealmax Innovations Pvt. Ltd. has been recognised by the Startup India initiative of the Government of India and has also been selected on Amazon Launchpad, a platform for startups to showcase their unique and innovative products.

For us, customers are our first priority and to eliminate pain from their life is what we exist for.


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