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Thanyaas Fabulous Wedding is the best event management company in Coimbatore. We offer only the best services to make your special day nothing than perfect!


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Thanyaas Fabulous Wedding event management company in Coimbatore dedicated to creating extraordinary and unforgettable experiences for your special day. Trust us to make your dream wedding a reality.

Wedding Planning Management

Thanyaas Fabulous Wedding is a Wedding Stage Decoration in Coimbatore specializing in meticulous wedding planning. Trust us to create your perfect day with attention to every detail.

Catering Services

Thanyaas Fabulous Wedding catering services in Coimbatore elevates your wedding experience with our exquisite catering services. Delight your guests with delectable culinary delights tailored to your preferences.

Photography and Videography

Capture the magic of Thanyaas Fabulous Wedding in Coimbatore with our exceptional photography and videography services. Preserve your memories beautifully.

Surprise Events

Create an unforgettable surprise at Thanyaas Fabulous Wedding in Coimbatore. Let us handle the planning, coordination, and execution for a truly magical event.

Corporate/Conference Events

Elevate your corporate or conference event at Thanyaas Fabulous Wedding in Coimbatore. Our professional services ensure a seamless and memorable experience for all attendees.

Sangeet Event

Celebrate with music and dance at Thanyaas Fabulous Wedding Sangeet event in Coimbatore. Experience the joyous festivities with our captivating entertainment and impeccable planning.

Our Works

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking moments of Thanyaas Fabulous Wedding in Coimbatore through our captivating works. Witness the beauty and love captured in every frame.


Discover the enchanting stories, tips, and inspiration behind Thanyaas Fabulous Wedding in Coimbatore on our engaging blog. Dive into the world of weddings and celebrations.

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Thanyaas Fabulous Weddings is an event management company in Coimbatore to make our clients’ gatherings hassle-free and to ensure that they fully enjoy “The Day.” We began as an event management firm in 2016. Our company’s success is a result of our founder, Mr. Sathiyaraj Mahalingam, who has twelve years of expertise building customer-driven services, following out his vision. Our goal is to focus on client happiness rather than financial constraints.

Every client of ours receives a distinctive experience and images as a result of our efforts.

We have fabrication and design department. We never reuse the fabrics or design patterns. We are available to modify the requirements of your ideal day to exhibit. We plan all of the wedding’s requirements. Additionally, you can hire us for stage decoration, corporate events, traditional festivities, college events, and many other specialized services.

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