For nearly 30 years, Totally Glass has offered customers the best and most inventive glassware. We’ll guide you through your adventure, whether it’s short or lengthy. completing a project with the client, builder, architect, or designer. Technology has advanced exponentially, therefore only your ingenuity can limit you. Imagine any surface, color, or design. Totally Glass constantly finds solutions for New Zealand kitchen splashbacks when others have given up. Totally Glass strives to suit your demands at a reasonable price. Totally Glass welcomes your inquiries. Totally Glass prioritizes customizing solutions for each client.

Totally Glass excels at custom glass balustrades.

Glass balustrades are utilized around pools, decks, and stairs for safety and visibility. They protect and beautify inner stairwells. You no longer have to watch for something in the stairwell. For your home, we may recommend frameless glass with mini-posts, discs, or channels or semi-frameless glass with metal posts for added thickness. Your home will appear to be carved from a single block.

Glass Balustrade Advantages:

The stunning scenery is unobstructed. Brushing restores luster, smoothness, and durability. Ten-year risk-free. New Zealand building codes.

Glazed balustrades

Our personnel is well-trained in the areas we support. We prioritize design and functionality. Our glass balustrades have a 10-year warranty, so they can withstand any weather. Our glass balustrades are top-notch. Our protective solution makes cleaning glass easier.



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